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With us, live a simple and unique experience: Our prices are unbeatable; our studies do not neglect any detail. Our technicians are meticulous and friendly.

Internet and data service provider. 
Wide area network solution.
Point to point, Star and Mesh solution.


1. Electrical furniture, installation and Repair.
(Solar Energy System, Energy transformers, area distribution power cables and transformers, Domestic and PME distribution cable and appliance, etc). 

2. Automation & Electronics: device, installation and Repair. 
(Gate automation, Irrigation automation, Public light automation,
video surveillance systems etc).

3. Computing & Networking: furniture, devices, installation and Repair.  
(Equipment and Systems, programming, web design, cybercafé activities and training, E-learning, Intranet and Telecoms;
New and second hand material, documentation resale). 

4. Consultancy for abroad SA on standards compliance. 
(Electrical installation, touristic sites, activities on lakes and rivers such as on boat and port dock)
(General security: Lake control, boat inspection, lakes and rivers activities). 

5. Educational and Medical equipment’s & Laboratories furniture for abroad SA.
(New and second hand material and documentation)
We identify, we collect, we buy, we sale.

6. Whole sale Import and Export for Africa building

7. Other Services include:

a.) Broadband wireless.
b.) Office and Home Security solution.
c.) Mail Account hosting.
d.) Configuration and implementation of network and turnkey network.
e.) Support 24hx7 of an African wide service with SLA.
f.) USC (Unified Communication Service for data, video and voice) for Enterprise/Government in Central Africa. 


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